Connie Beushausen Oestereich

Profile Updated: September 26, 2008
Residing In: Wunstorf, Lower Saxony Germany
Occupation: medical doctor
Children: Tilman, born 1985
Leon, born 1991

40 years are a long time.I was the German exchange student, switching between this Senior Class and the Juniors. We went together on the Senior trip. Exciting bus ride.Impressive Capital. - In Summer of `68 I returned to Germany, full of new experiences which unfolded their implications during my whole life,with changing aspects and perspectives. - After medical school I managed to combine family life, raising my children and developing my professional carreer. Now I am the medical director of a hospital for psychiatry and psychotherapy. My life is interesting and has many facets.
After being invited for a lecture in family therapy in 2005 to Washington D.C I became interested again in getting in touch with my personal American past. Well,here I am.

School Story:

Everything in US was new and amazing for me, the German exchange student: kids, classes, sports,dating,Friday night dances, drive-in-movies; Halloween, tepeing the house, pyjama parties and Valentine`s Day. My host Mom was called in to school for a conversation with the Principal because they were concerned about my hanging around with kids who did not always obey to the school rules (really severe violations like wearing no socks in summer).I won`t mention names, though! The yearbook Perannos 68 with so many personal notes from my friends has been a great treasure over the years.

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Happy birthday to you, Nancy. All the best for your future. And Happy New Year! Best wishes for peace and happiness. Hope to see you again someday. - Cpnnie Oestereich (Beushausen)

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Connie then?...Connie today!