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Jim Graves

Profile Updated: September 20, 2008
Jim Graves
Residing In: Celebration, FL USA

Hello friends!

I am married to Jim Graves, class of '68. I remember so many of you and it is wonderful to hear from you! Unfortunately, we are unable to attend the reunion. We have to be in Los Angeles that weekend for business that is not able to be rescheduled.

Jim and I will be married for 37 years this January! As you may remember, I graduated from Flushing in 1970 as Cathy Waters. My sister, Cindy was also in your class. She lives in Flint Twp..

Celebration, FL (the town Disney built)is our primary residence but Jim and I still spend summers in MI at Higgins Lake. Our lives are filled with visits from friends and family, including two grandsons, ages 5 and 2, who live in northern California with our son and his wife (it is hard to have them so far away). Our daughter and her husband live in Pompano Beach, FL. They spend their time traveling and dodging hurricanes!

Jim is a computer guy and has his own software company. I am an artist working primarily in oils and watercolor. (You may be interested to know that since becoming a grandmother, my work has morphed from abstract, symbolic, and feminist to representational, painfully nice landscapes and portraits!)

Jim and I love boating and traveling and have made a mission of building cherished memories for the young people in our lives. That explains Tinker Bell living in our kitchen cupboard, Christmas trees loaded with sweet edibles, and the taxidermyed alligator protecting our cottage porch from Captain Hook's midnight sails.

Our lives are good and we pinch ourselves often, knowing how fortunate we have been. Please say "hello" to everyone from us and have a wonderful reunion.

Catherine Graves