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05/21/08 04:32 PM #1    

Barbara Wolfe

Welcome to the Flushing High School Class Of 1968 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

08/11/08 11:21 PM #2    

Cody Brady

Thanks Barb for welcoming us to our reunion. Promise me we won't all have to take pictures with pretzels! (Check out Barb's pictures.)

Now y'all I am coming all the way from Texas so you have no excuse for not making it! I'm fixin to come to Flushing on Friday and have lots of fun in the cool weather. Wow I can wear a sweater and jacket, cant' wait!

Big hugs, see y'all soon!

09/08/08 10:28 AM #3    

Diane Zvonek (Toulouse)

Hey, I'm coming from Florida, that should count alittle!! Diane

09/08/08 02:04 PM #4    

Gary Whitmire

I am looking foreword to seeing everyone! I think I will be traveling the shortest distance as I still live in Flushing and still hang out at FHS! I will be at Friday's party late as for sure I will be attending the Homecoming game at Raider Field!

09/09/08 08:03 PM #5    

Doug Zembo

I can't believe its been 40Yrs.I still think I'm a young 20 something! Mind only,not body,or so i think.I'm looking forward to seeing everyone.Seems funny we will be talking about our grandchildren,when just a short time ago,or so it seems,we were setting up "hot dates"with each other.See you all soon!!

09/14/08 09:51 PM #6    

Cody Brady

Yes I think Florida counts and distance wise it is probably further.
Thanks Barb reading profiles have been fun. Look forward to seeing everyone.

09/19/08 12:13 PM #7    

Denise DeMoss (Kilpatrick)

Looking forward to seeing everyone!
yes I am sure the topic will be grandkids! among other age related symptoms!
thanks, Barb for the website--it has been fun!
Cody, Diane, Barb, Doug and Gary looking forward to seeing you all!
Safe travel!

09/20/08 09:26 PM #8    

Ann McCarty (Thompson)

This site is the most fun. I am in the process of calling alot of our no responses and am really urging them, even if they can't come, to get themselves on this site. Not getting through to quickly as I seem to spend 1/2 hr or more on the phone with everyone catching up but what fun! It has been great finding out where people are and looking at the pictures. Am really looking forward to the reunion. It is always wonderful to see old friends. We are all older but no one ever said we had to act it!!
See you soon.

09/22/08 05:17 PM #9    

Mary Klosterman (Gleason)

Hey Gary and all,
I am the closest for Friday nite, it's at my house (ha, ha) Try to call your friends and remind them to complete their profiles, it is important for future references and notifications.
Geez Brenda Galloway Gonzales, I thought I'd have to get out the dictionary to read your info. (and everyone thought we'd be in Jail by now, I'm proud of you) I have more corn on the cob if you and Lee are still hungry after Sat. nite.
We are having a float in the parade, call one of us for info.
Mary G. (810) 659-7727

09/23/08 02:42 PM #10    

Cody Brady

Ok so I have a question. I never really did like football and in fact spent the whole game walking the track (probably in part to stay warm). So what is the plan for people who don't plan to go to the game?

09/23/08 08:41 PM #11    

Mary Klosterman (Gleason)


09/24/08 08:33 PM #12    

Jean Evans (Line)

Hey Doug Zembo I thought you fell off the face of the earth after you had lunch with Roseann, Mary and I at my mother's place in Flushing. Glad to hear you are alive and well. Will see you at the reunion. Jean Evans Line

09/30/08 06:44 PM #13    

Jacquelyn Stallings (Isenberg)

How was the float meeting? I have never attended a float meeting in a bar and I think that is something I should have checked off my life-list by now. I was sorry I couldn't make it on Thursday night. I don't want to miss our float...what time is the parade? Nancy, do you have a tiara?

10/11/08 01:49 PM #14    

Ray Wascher

Look's like I missed out on a great time! Let's have something at Skips for next weekend. I know I can make that one. Good thing I didn't try to hook up with Pardonnet while I was out here in CA. Post more Pic's of tonight's activities too. Sorry I missed this one! Will make the 45th for sure!!!!

10/12/08 09:14 AM #15    

Barbara Wolfe

The reunion was FUN FUN FUN. Thanks to Nancy, Ann, Marti and everyone else that helped make it a great time.

10/14/08 01:44 PM #16    

Sally Poehner (McFarland)

The reunion was GREAT!!! Thanks to Ann, Nancy and you too Barb!! Let's do it again soon .

10/14/08 10:47 PM #17    

Cody Brady

Happy post reunion!

I hope that if you have not posted information on this website you will take a few minutes to do so. We had a great time and missed all of you who were not there.

Thanks Barb for making this website possible.

Hey Bud Meyers I have your notebook let me know where to send it and I will get it in the mail.

Again thanks to all of the party planners and Mary for sharing her pole barn with us.


10/16/08 09:57 AM #18    

Diane Zvonek (Toulouse)

What great fun. Wonderful to see everyone and catch up. Thanks to all who made our 40th reunion so special. All of your hard work paid off and is so appreciated by those of us who attended. Looking forward to seeing everyone again at our next reunion.

11/02/08 10:53 AM #19    

Connie Beushausen (Oestereich)

Hello, my friends on the other side of the planet!
You can hardly imagine what it meant to me joining the class reunion. I seem to have been floating 12 inches above the ground for three days. I enjoyed your company and all the encounters with those whom I remembered, as well as with those whom got to know there for the first time, so much. I had a great time with you and I am glad I came from Germany!

Thanks to the organizing team (Nancy, Marti, Ann, Mary and Barb and all those who helped with it).

Thanks for the warm hearted welcome which I received from all of you and which warmed my heart too and revitalised so many good memories!

After spending an exciting week in California after the reunion I returned home on Oct. 22 and I am busy since. -But I am already thinking about the next opportunity to come back. And I sure will visit Flushing again and contact as many of you as possible.

I would like to encourage you to visit Germany. I live in the northern part of the country (110 miles south of Hamburg. Northern Germany with it`s coast line and very charming towns is very pretty, but neglected in foreign, especially American, travel guides, presumably because the American military was stationed in Southern Germany. Anyway, come and visit me! I`ll show you around when my schedule allows it.

Take care,
Connie the former exchange student

01/30/09 10:34 PM #20    

Cody Brady

Field Trip? do you think we should organize a field trip to Germany? I'm game who else would like to go? Airlines are discounting prices!


02/11/09 07:36 PM #21    

Ray Wascher

Does anyone have more information on Marty Smith (Wipple)? I saw he Obit in the paper last week.

03/31/09 07:26 PM #22    

Doug Zembo

HI to everyone!It has been awhile since i was on last.So sad to hear about Marti Smith.She will be missed.Thanks again to Barb and Nancy and Marti an everyone involved in our reunion.It was a great time and I am looking forward to another...This year??????????Well lets have a party somewhere.Hey Cody,how about a dance this time?!!Well I hope everyone has a good spring!!I will be talking to you all again real soon. Regards,Doug Z

12/21/09 09:06 PM #23    

Cody Brady

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year wish to all of you!

May all of your new years wishes come true!

09/13/10 11:07 PM #24    

Cody Brady

 Honoring our classmates. I was wondering when I looked at the list of our classmates who are gone whether there were stories we could share about them. How did they live their lives? What did the love to do? I know Marti Smith was a psychologist that did sex therapy. Jan Hogan knew her throughout her life. What about the others. It would be wonderful to share their accomplishments!

10/08/13 01:40 PM #25    

Connie Beushausen (Oestereich)

Hello everyone, unfortunately I cannot join the 45th reunion. I`m very sorry, because I would have enjoyed meeting you people and catching up. My life is still very busy. Beside my work  I am travelling (often to USA or Canada) which I enjoy very much. My younger son is still in school. The eldest works as an assistant to a stage play director and wants to become one himself. I love going to watch stage plays with him and to poke my nose into theatre stuff. - I hope you put pictures of the reunion on this site. That way I can participate afterwards. Remembering all the good times... and you...Connie

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